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Lives have been dramatically changed due to the global health crisis from the COVID-19 virus. Our community is united in spirit, prayer and solidarity with all who are affected by the Coronavirus.

With Masses and services suspended everywhere in the US, there is felt a spiritual hunger, much like the hunger of the crowds who followed Jesus during his earthly life, seeking hope, healing, encouragement.


During these final weeks of lent, let us turn to the Word of God in scripture, allowing the words of scripture to speak to our hearts, to nourish our spirits, and to direct our actions. We may not be able to gather around the altar as a worshiping community, but God invites us to form community in changed circumstances—to reach out to the vulnerable, fearful, lonely and isolated, and to extend patience, kindness and compassion to those nearest to us.


We join you in praying for government leaders, medical professionals, health-care workers and those who provide services for us each day. May God comfort the sick and console the loved ones of those who have lost their lives.


We Join You In Prayer

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