Life in Community 


St. Teresa emphasized the importance of community life for the balanced life of prayer and solitude she desired for her daughters. In this wise balance we meet and share on every level of life, our solitude in harmony with the warmth of life-giving relationships.  A strong and vibrant communal life is as much a part of the life of Carmel as is the silence and solitude that help create the atmosphere for prayer. Community living is learned like an art, fine-tuned through the events of life. St. Teresa wanted us to be friends of God and friends to one another. Our relationships grow and are strengthened over the years, witnessing to fidelity and commitment as we journey together for life. As Carmelites we believe we are deeply involved in the adventure of conversion and transformation which comes about through prayer and the everyday experiences of community life.


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Celebrating Sr. Miriam!

On June 3rd we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Religious Profession of Sr. Miriam of Saint Joseph, OCD.



Sr. Miriam on your Golden Jubilee!

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